Monday, May 2, 2011

Sharlot's Project

Sharlot has been putting together some old quilt blocks for a special friend.  Sharlot has done a great job at finding fabric to go with the colors in these blocks that were made decades ago.  There are three butterfly table runners that have beautiful button hole applique butterflies on them made out of great old fabrics.  Feathers and continuous line quilting gives it a traditional feel.  There were enough 'Puss in Boots' blocks to make a lap quilt which looks great with an all over "Popcorn" panto on it.  The old time prints and shirtings used in all the blocks is so interesting to look at because of the colors and the fabric texture.


  1. I love the detailed quilting you did on the table runners and the popcorn panto is wonderful.

  2. Great job! Your echo is really good! And good job on the feathers!