Thursday, April 28, 2011

Labels: Advice Needed

We all know we should label our quilts, but sometimes we just don't get to it.  I have used multiple ways to label quilts over the years and I want your thoughts on two of my methods.

Traditional Labels:  we have all done them and they are great when we get around to them.

 Sometimes I have stitched my name and year onto the front edge of the quilt.  These are quilts that I keep for myself.  What do you think of this method?

 Lately I have been using a pigma pen and writing the label information directly onto the back of the quilt.  I include all important information and this is my favorite type of labeling system because it is fast, easy and includes all important info.  What do you think of this method?


  1. I like to create a label on the computer. You can design it just how you want it then you can iron a piece of fabric to a piece of freezer paper. Cut the paper to 8-1/2 x 11 just like a piece of copy paper. Put the piece in the your ink jet printer face down (fabric side down) and print it out. The freezer paper helps stabilize the fabric. Works really slick. I then let it dry...rinse it with a little cold water and then pat dry. I then iron it and it is ready to be sewn to the back of your quilt. Works really slick.

  2. i think writing with the pen looks easiest.. but will it fade or disappear over time? thats the only thing i would worry about.. it being gone one day. if you stitch it into the quilt, (obviously takes more time) then it cant go anywhere.

    they are all way cute though! esthetically, they all look great to me!

  3. I use the same method as Teresa but add one more step. I soak the fabric after printing in Synthrapol (as known as Retayne/Raycafix)so the ink can bond to the fabric and won't wash away after multiple washings.
    Love this method as I hate my hand writing.

  4. I just finished binding Aria's baby quilt and I wondered what type of Pen to use. When you put the back on you left the perfect place for a label.

  5. You know the labels I like are the ones that are like a tag and get sewed on while you are putting your binding on. Like a little loop in the back edge of your quilt. If only you could get more info on it?

  6. I too struggle with labeling my quilts. I've used a pigma pen and I've printed a label on my computer. That was for a baby quilt and I wanted to add a scripture. I hope it holds up to frequent washing. I think I'll embroider the one for my daughter's college quilt (she's coming to WTAMU! :)). So I'm no help. I'm thinking that it's not as important as 'how' the quilt is labeled as it is just to label it, but I do want it to look nice.