Monday, May 9, 2011

Sharlet's Quilts

I finished three quilts for Sharlet this week:  Yellow Rose of Texas, North Pole, and Stacked Coins.
Yellow Rose of Texas is beautiful.  The quilting made the raw edge roses look 3-dimensional and the feathers and leaf vine compliment the style of quilt.  North Pole is adorable!  Lots of little details in the windows, roof lines, doors, and a variety of navy backgrounds give this quilt a lot of interest.  I quilted a small meander in the background, outlined the doors, windows and roof lines, a holly border and snowball border finished it off!  Stacked coins is quilted with an all over panto, "Popcorn."  It is fun and bright with black setting off the coins.  She is on her way to pick them up, so I hope she is as pleased as  I am....


  1. She is going to love them! 4 more day's till I see you! Can't wait!

  2. Sharlotte sure does a nice job on her quilts. They look great.