Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I resolve to be a better blogger!

I have not been a good blogger for about 2 months.  The holidays came and instead of blogging I spent my time quilting, shopping, eating, vacationing and traveling.  I have had a great time, but I am looking forward to some consistent time at home.  In the past two months I have traveled to Mexico, Utah, Phoenix, Dallas (twice) and Hawaii.  I am not complaining I am just a little worn out.  Whew! So I resolve to be a better blogger and travel less in 2012!

Here are a few quilting pictures and projects:
 This is one of two of Kristi's quilts that she requested freehand straight-line quilting on.  This type of quilting takes traditional quilts and gives them a modern/contemporary feel.  I love how it turned out!
These were some left-over blocks from the quilt below.  I threw them together really fast and I did not think they looked interesting until they were quilted.  Now I love them!

This pattern is from my sister, Jenny, of Sew Kind of Wonderful.  This is Urban Birthday.  It is from French General's FaLaLa christmas line.  The quilting was an experiment of different free-hand elements.  I think it turned out ok but after I did this I finished the small table runners above and I actually like the quilting on the table runners better.  After the fact, I would have loaded this quilt the other direction and quilted a definite design in the solids and an all-over in the prints.  I still love this quilt and my husband REALLY liked it.  Which in itself is weird because he usually just nods and says nice but this time he was really into this pattern.


  1. wonderful to see what you r up to....love it all....xox pam

  2. It sounds like you've had a lot of fun travelling. I love the straight line quilting you did and those curves are wonderful. I love that ruler and Jenny's pattern's too. They are addictive though! Thanks for sharing.