Saturday, March 19, 2011

Prairie Windows

I have worked on this quilt throughout the week.  I originally bought the gold/with white berries fabric and thought I could use a piece of toile fabric I have had for years, but after making the blocks it was evident the two fabrics were not going to work together, so off I went to the store to find a better match.  The sashing became more involved when Rachel (my artsy daughter) suggested that it be pieced with the alternate sashing color.  I love the complexity this added to the quilt.  The name "Prairie Windows" is a suggestion.  Any ideas?  I might be doing a whole series of  "Prairie" quilts because that is where I live right now.  This would be "Prairie" quilt number two.



  1. I!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!!
    and I like prairie windows.

  2. That is SO pretty and unusual! Very nicely done. I love the colors! Cynthia