Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moda's Sonnet Collection - Three Quilts - Done!

 Quilt #1
 Quilt #2
 Quilt #3

 Leftovers-all bottled up.
I bought Moda's Sonnet Collection years ago.  I made a churn dash quilt with most of it, Quilt #1.  I pieced a table runner using my sister's 'Quick Curve Ruler' which I love, Quilt #2.  After those two quilts I still had quite a bunch of fabric left, everything from fat quarter pieces, to strips, and charm pieces, so I decided to make crazy patches that I then squared up, or rectangled up, and then pieced them into a crazy patch quilt.  I think this will be 'Prairie' Quilt #3, but I do not have a name yet.  I am considering "Above the Prairie" because it looks like roads with planted fields or "Bird's Eye View".  Suggestions anyone?


  1. about using ALL of your fabric! And I like the scrappy one a lot! I like "Above the Prairie". How ya gonna quilt that?

  2. Jenny asked how I was going to quilt this one. Something very geometric so the eye has a resting place. Maybe a large spiral that is off center...still thinking.

  3. mom i NEED you to leave me ALL the quilts.
    because they are amazing!!