Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Own Design

For a while I have had images of quilt designs floating around in my head and I finally bought some fabric and got inspired to come up with my "Prairie Points of Interest" quilt.  I have wanted to make a quilt that represents where I live in the Texas Panhandle.  In this design the center focus blocks represent the wild vegetation that is naturally treeless, the flying geese are representative of the Canadian Geese that migrate to this area over the winter (they are everywhere, and I love it), the circles show the 'Playa Lakes' that abound in the region, the stripes are the furrows of the countless fields that are planted in corn, cotton, sunflowers, or wheat, and the open spaces convey the feeling of openness that surrounds the high plains.  I intended for it to have a modern feel to it and the vertical quilting maintains that feeling.  I am really pleased with it and proud of myself for doing it.  I even put a label on the back, yeah!


  1. Helen..that turned out great! The quilting is perfect and I love the back too!

  2. Hi Helen! Just popped over from Quiltstory and had to tell you that your quilt made me cry! We no longer live in Texas and my heart is heavy. Can't take Texas out of the girl! Your quilt is fabulous and the story behind it makes it even more so. I also see that you live in Canyon - my daughter will be a freshman there this fall so we'll be making the trip more often. Usually come to Amarillo for the WRCA Ranch Rodeo each year. Gotta hit those great quilt shops too! Your quilt truly is stunning!