Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Granite Counter Tops!!!

This week we had granite counter tops installed in our kitchen.  They are gorgeous!  This will make all my sewing projects easier and nicer because everything looks better with granite counter tops!  Of course we had to put in a new sink and faucet to go with the granite. 


  1. mom this is AMAZING!!! Why didn't you tell me?!?! HELLO!!!!

    It really does look so, so good!

  2. How is your granite countertop looking now? Does it still look like that? I must say that looks absolutely brilliant. It’s all clean and shiny, and seeing it just gives you that drive to cook and prepare food for the family, no? Shiny countertops have that mysterious kind of effect. Well, I just hope you’ve taken good care of it!

  3. Granite counter tops make every kitchen look so much better. I like that color that you have here. They complement nicely with the bricks and wall paint. There are liquid solutions to keep this counter shiny. Make use of them to achieve a satisfying look. Granite counter tops are not only beautiful in the kitchen they last longer than other counter top materials too.

    Tina Mongeon @Enviropure