Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kathy's Sampler Quilt

My mother-in-law is a great quilter and she has a great eye for color combinations.  She made this as a bed cover and it will look great!  I really like how the black sets off the blocks and the repeating 'Jacob's Ladder' blocks. This quilt has custom quilting throughout with a feather border.  I am posting a lot of pictures so that I can remember what I decided to do on each block.  My brain hurt by the end because each block required too many decisions.  I had to call Jenny when I was finally doing the border so she could tell me what to do because I could not make another decision.  She had a wonderful suggestion of doing a serpentine feather because the border was only 3.5 inches wide.  Thanks Jenny!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Quilts

Summer seems to have tons of fun and very little schedule, so regular blogging has not happened.  Here is a smattering of summer quilts.
 This is Rachel's "Hawaiian Summer" quilt.  My daughter is now living in Hawaii and attending BYU-Hawaii.  This quilt is made completly out of batiks that she had picked out over the years and had been given by Aunt Jenny.  The pattern is from a blog post on "Pieceful Quilter" from months ago...........  It has a fern panto pattern.

 These charm squares were given to me by a friend and they became a beautiful "Trip Around the World."  I did custom quilting on it.

 This is Debi's "Music Therapy" quilt.  The Panto is called 'octopus' but it had a music note feel to it.

 This scrappy "Lonestar" was made from the left overs of another 4 year project that is still being worked on.  It was made for a church missionary in our area that wanted to give his Mom a great birthday gift from Texas.  It seemed very appropriate for a missionary serving in Texas.

 This adorable quilt was done by Cathy.  She does AMAZING applique work.  She will be teaching a class on this quilt this fall at "Sisters Scraps" quilt shop in Amarillo.

 Here is a BOM that was done last year at "Quilted Bliss" in Amarillo.  It is a large quilt (98x98) with lots of bright color combinations that are very striking because it uses the complimentary color scheme on the color wheel.  It is custom quilted throughout and Cathy was very pleased with how it turned out.